Month: December 2017
top 10 plugins

The Top 10 Plugins for WordPress

Did you know that about 75 million websites use WordPress? WordPress is the power behind over a quarter of the websites in the world. Yet each of these sites is unique and different, offering a new experience to the user. WordPress plugins are one of the top ways for companies and individuals to set their […]

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how does SEO work

Internet Basics: How Does SEO Work?

Though many people in the current generation grew up with the Internet an integrated part of their lives, not many people understand how it works. Why do you get advertisements for things you recently searched on Google? What makes the first results appear first on the list when you’re using a search engine to look […]

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guaranteed SEO

10 Tips on How to Get Guaranteed SEO

There are a lot of ideas out there promising to get you guaranteed SEO success. Some of them are accurate and some are cash-grabs. These are scammers preying on small and medium-sized businesses trying to stretch their marketing dollars as much as they can. What advice can you really trust? The simple answer is Google. […]

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new wordpress plugins

New WordPress Plugins to Expect in 2018

WordPress powers nearly 75 million websites, making it the most popular CMS available today. Companies and individuals alike love it because it is easy to use and has great customer service. It also infinitely customizable, which makes it possible for all of the million-plus websites powered by WordPress to look completely different. One of the […]

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